Off the beaten path Iran: Chabahar


If you are planning to travel to Iran during the new year holiday or winter –late December to early April- don`t miss out exploring south of Iran. Since the weather is really mild then in beautiful southern coastline, you can really enjoy sun and see and stunning landscapes. So if you are an off the beaten paths explorer, one of the most amazing places that I can recommend you in south of Iran is Chabahar.

Chabahar city
Chabahar is a town of colors and cultures!

Chabahar is located in South East of Iran in Baluchistan province and its stunning nature and multi-cultural atmosphere, makes the area very unique. Not many even Iranian travelers have discovered the beauty of this area yet so as a result, you can find Chabahar an unspoiled and untouched destination with so much to offer.  In this article, I will talk about the unique attractions of this area and help you with some practical tips.

Why Chabahar is unique?

Chabahar is the biggest town in far south east of Iran. According to closeness of this region to Pakistan, there is a mixed Pakistani, Indian and Baluch culture going on there. It`s only about  90kms from Chabahar to Pakistan border and the coastal road which connects Chabahar to Govater , is one of the most amazing roads that you can drive in. There are lots of amazing beaches along this road which make you stop your car for many times and take some photo or video. To describe the nature of Chabahar in general, it is a combination of brown deserts and blue sea which causes really eye-catching landscapes.

road Chabahar
You could sit on this rock and enjoy the peace and beauty!

Chabahar is an ideal place for both hotel and camping lovers. You can find a few good hotels in the town as well as plenty of safe places for free camping, inside or outside the city.

camping Chabahar
Camping in beautiful untouched beaches is always fun!

Furthermore, Baluch people are amazingly hospitable and you will enjoy their company.

Baluch Hospitality
They invited us for a lunch to their place. Their house was simple and lovely!

How to go to Chabahar?

Chabahar is quite far away from north of Iran. If you are planning to go straight to Chabahar from Tehran, the best option is flying there. However, if you are planning to see more of Iran, you can reach Bandr-Abbas by train, bus, flight or hitchhiking and then drive 9 more hours to east while enjoying the beautiful nature.

hitchhiking from Bandar-Abas to Chabahar is almost easy. However, the road towards est after Chabahar is really empty!

What are is the most especial attractions inside Chabahar?

Chabahar Old Bazaar:

If you are looking for a real taste of local life and also colorful hand crafts, the old bazaar is your place. Don`t forget to take your camera as every corner of the bazaar has something unique to offer.

Chabahar bazzar
Chabahar bazaar is full of colors!

What and where to eat in Chabahar?

If you are inside the town, one option is going to Imam street and trying different types of local foods. Chabahar local food is strongly influenced by Indian and Pakistani culture so the food is quite spicy. There are also some food stalls in old bazaar where you can get some snacks and local food for a cheap price. Moreover, if you like to cook for yourself, check out the Fish market located close to the old bazaar. You can find a good variety of yummy fresh fish there.

chabahar food
A yummy local food seen in Bazaar.
chabahar foods
There are stalls in bazaar where you can get some foods or snacks! They are yummy!

Where are amazing landscapes around Chabahar?

Pink lake

Pink lake is located about 25 Kms east of Chabahar and in the beginning of the amazing coastal road towards Govater.  The water of this lake looks really pink and different. You will also see a lot of Iranian Baluch women collecting salt from the lake for their daily usage.

Pink lake Chabahar
Pink Lake is amazingly pink and beautiful!
women Chabahar
Local women working hard to collect some salt!

Martian mountains Chabahar

After passing the Pink Lake and driving for a few more kilometers, you will reach stunning Martian mountains along the road. Stop your car in this location and take amazing photos there!

martian mountain chabahar
These mountains are weird! They look more especial during sunset but we couldn’t make it!

Beris Rocks

Beris is a small village located about 1 hour drive east of Chabahar. If you keep driving after the Martian mountains, you will reach a very small local village called Beris. This village is famous for its high rocks and the amazing view that you can get from the ocean.

Amazing sunset, amazing view of the ocean and amazing rocks! What do you want more?

As a special tip, the sunsets are amazing in Beris! So manage your time to be there for sunset and enjoy a stunning view!

Pasa-bandar village

Pasa- Bandar is a very remote village in south east of Iran with a picturesque jetty. If you keep driving for 20 more minutes from Beris, you will reach a village which looks like the end of the world. In my eyes Pasa-Bandar was a big piece of art that you could enjoy while sitting on a rock and staring at your front view.

Pasa bandar
It was a moving masterpiece in front of our eyes!

Govater, the most eastern part of Iran

If you wanna listen to a deep silence and enjoy a deep peace, you should keep driving for 15 more minutes to reach Govater. In the evenings, watching local sailors coming back from a long working day is pretty impressive. You can easily see Pakistan bushes over the sea while enjoying the calm atmosphere of Govater.

They were back from a hard working day!

General tips

  1. Do not forget that Baluch people have a very conservative culture about their women. So taking photography of women`s face is not approved in that culture at all.
  2. Try to spend a good amount of time exploring coastal road. Although the road is only 98Kms, it is full of picturesque landscapes that you cannot easily ignore.
  3. Chabahar city can entertain you for about two days with its local markets, industrial free zone and beautiful beaches. So try to discover its surroundings as much as possible while spending time in that area.
  4. Chabahar is really hot during other times of the year. Therefore if you are in Iran sometime else and looking for some suitable off the beaten paths to explore, check out this article.
  5. If you are planning to head to Pakistan, you should know that Govater is not a place that you can legally leave Iran and enter there. So check for other legal borders that you can have your passport stamped.

    fish market Chabahar
    Fish market in Chabahar, where you can get fresh fish!

In this article I tried to introduce you one of the most especial destinations in Iran and its surroundings. If you feel like having any question left, don`t hesitate to share it with us!